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LOST GIRL – UPYURS6 (Webisode Ep. 1)

Lost Girl Webisode 1Lost Girl is back (sort of) with a new run of mini webisodes!

The producers and writers of Canadian hit show Lost Girl have decided to bring us a short webisode series as a precursor to the upcoming season, airing on November 10th.

In the first six minute short, we encounter Kenzi and her – much beloved – friend Bruce, as they search for Massimo (the Druid from last season). One bridge away from finding the kiss stealing Fae from last season, Kenzi is stopped by a troll, though he’s not quite the kind of troll you find in fairy tales, but instead the kind you find on the internet.

After some witty banter, UPYURS6 – the troll – informs Kenzi that she cannot get across the bridge without signing a contract saying she will take care of the bridge for a week. After Kenzi’s great opposition, the troll informs her that the reason he desperately needs her to do so is because he is supposed to meet up with a cute boy he met on the internet but he can’t because he’s stuck guarding the bridge.

Bruce comes to Kenzi’s rescue and signs the contract himself, allowing Kenzi to cross the bridge and continue her quest to find Massimo.

These webisodes, also dubbed season 3.5, will connect the season three finale with the season four premiere, so stay tuned!!

Catch these webisodes every Sunday on the Showcase website!

Written by Mickie Duarte

Mickie Duarte

SFU graduate, with a degree in anthropology and gender, sexuality, & women’s studies. My love for CanCon is part of why I moved to Canada. My current favourite series is Showcase’s Lost Girl, which I do weekly recaps of.

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