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LOST GIRL – Red Tape (Webisode Ep. 2)

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Vex is throwing a party, and the main course is Fugu fish!

by: Micaela Duarte


This new webisode features the return of one of our favourite dark Fae. Stressed about throwing a party, which he can’t find a venue for due to legalities, he hires the only chef that will cook Fugu and, with his powers, forces his assistant Alyssa to try it. Unfortunately for the vegan secretary, she dies and is quickly replaced by May, or ‘Alyssa’ as Vex quickly dubs her.

Two special deliveries arrive for Vex. One is the (quite hilarious) five foot portrait of the Morrigan, used by the dark Fae to vent out his frustrations. The next is a mystery box filled with film canisters labeled in a language us humans cannot read.

“The party is over,” Vex tells Alyssa as he reaches out for one of the cryptic canisters..

Watch this week’s webisode here!

Written by Mickie Duarte

Mickie Duarte

SFU graduate, with a degree in anthropology and gender, sexuality, & women’s studies. My love for CanCon is part of why I moved to Canada. My current favourite series is Showcase’s Lost Girl, which I do weekly recaps of.

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