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LOST GIRL – Getting to Know You: The Una Mens (Webisode Ep. 3)

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What’s black and white, and red all over?

by: Micaela Duarte

…the film reel we watched this week to inform us of the Una Mens.

So what did we learn from this informative reel? That the Una Mens are a Fae to be scared of. They take away Fae children and they are never to be seen again, leaving behind devastating parents and sometimes widows. The only way to stop them from coming and hurting children and the Fae who love them seems simple, just remember ‘Restraint, Respect, Reckoning’.

Unfortunately for Mr. Flynn Decker, not only do we see some disturbing footage of a destroyed family grieving for his son, but he is also handed a book with pictures and names of dead Fae. To make matters worse, Mr. Decker is also taken down by some mystery Fae. And yes, it was all filmed for our viewing pleasure, or maybe as a warning.

Getting to Know You: The Una Mens, now on Showcase!

Written by Mickie Duarte

Mickie Duarte

SFU graduate, with a degree in anthropology and gender, sexuality, & women’s studies. My love for CanCon is part of why I moved to Canada. My current favourite series is Showcase’s Lost Girl, which I do weekly recaps of.

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